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Rob’s Locksmith Service provides locksmithing services of every variety, including lock repairs, installations, replacements, reprogramming, and lock picking. Our expert locksmith services extend to every object conceivable, including cars, safes, lockers, security systems, chambers, bicycles, key lockbox, and luggage. Also, we provide services for every sector imaginable, including the residential, commercial, and automotive.

If you are locked out of your car, we will open it and, if need be, we can create a new key on the spot in just a few minutes. We can handle ignition jams and can provide transponder programming quickly. Whether you need lock repairs or key replacement and reprogramming, we’ve got you covered!

We currently provide a vast array of locks and locking mechanisms for our diverse clientele at competitive prices. Dedicated to customer satisfaction, we provide expert lock picking services that won’t damage the mainframe, lock, or the contents within.

We can assist you with deadbolts, gate locks, window locks, sliding door locks, and high-security cylinder locks.

Electronic Access Control Services
Rob’s Locksmith Service provides electronic access control (EAC) services for maximum security for compounds.
Our EAC systems will allow you to keep tabs on the activities within your establishment as well as record any actions that transpire from the exterior or from within. By using a single primary EAC mainframe you can control access to every room in your facility remotely via a single, intuitive interface, saving you thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours in the process. Other benefits of our EAC systems include being able to track employee absenteeism, punch-in and punch out times, break durations, productivity levels, and even provide audits. In addition, our proprietary EAC systems can save you hundreds of dollars when it pertains to employee turnover because you won’t have to worry about changing the locks when ex-employees leave.

We also provide PC, MAC, and other web-based EAC solutions with single and multi-site access functionality. We can provide you with control access readers and cards and I.D. tracking photo badges do prohibit unauthorized access. Moreover, we can also provide you with edge devices that are only single-door enabled if security is of the utmost importance.
Call us for a free consultation as well as an inspection of your establishment and we will assess the security needs of your complex before we recommend and implement one of our award winning EAC systems within your facility.

Vault and Safe Repairs and Installations
Rob’s Locksmith Service provides various safe and vault installations and repair services for our clients. We can even relocate your safe or vault if you wish. Our diverse clientele has ranged from accountants and bank managers to military and government officials. We provide 24/7 emergency access safe and vault services if you need immediate access to the contents of your safe. Any day, anytime, and regardless of the emergency, our dedicated locksmith professionals will install, repair, relocate, or crack your safe or vault quickly and without damaging its contents. We can also fortify it to make it more durable, add security protocols and features to make it harder to crack. Furthermore, if you wish to dispose of your old safe or vault to make way for a new-and-improved model, we can dispose of your safe or vault swiftly, inexpensively, and in an environmentally friendly manner, regardless of its size.
Master Key Systems
A master key system will essentially allow you to open some or all of the doors or entry points in your facility using a single key. While a master key system may be convenient, they can also be dangerous in the wrong hands. In fact, weaker master key system keys can be duplicated using a few blank keys and a metal file. Fortunately, we develop our master key systems using a proprietary, state-of-the-art “design wizard” software that cannot be breached. Essentially, we create master key systems using 3 established methods: namely, the copy, auto, and standard methods. We can also store the data we use to create your unique master key system to form a profile. This allows us to expand or modify your master key system if you need to in the future (i.e., denying, granting access to certain employees who have been fired or promoted).
Ignition Services
Rob’s Locksmith Service can replace your ignition switch quickly with a high quality ignition switch in minutes if your ignition switch won’t start. We can also simply repair your existing ignition switch by replacing its wafers so that you can actually turn on the ignition switch. We also provide maintenance services to keep your ignition system in pristine condition. We can extract lodged keys in your ignition system or provide duplicate ignition system keys in case you lose or misplace the original or if your keys are stolen. In addition, we can repair broken ignition locks or allow open entry into your car if you accidently left your keys inside your vehicle. We also provide ECU, key fob, transponder key and VAT key programming services.
Car Lockout Services
Rob’s Locksmith Service provides the quickest- and most reliable-car lockout service on the market. Car lockouts are very common, but the first time you are locked out of your car can be very frightening. You may feel helpless and perhaps even afraid, depending on where the lockout took place. These feelings of apprehension are completely understandable and normal. If you are ever locked out of your vehicle, do not hesitate to contact Rob’s Locksmith Service. We provide an unparalleled 24/7 car lockout emergency service that is unsurpassed in the industry. Regardless of the time of day, or the area in which the car lockout occurred, we will dispatch one of our certified locksmith experts immediately to rectify the situation.
Chip Key Services
We provide 24/7 car key emergency services that will eliminate your car key problems in record time. Whenever, wherever, and regardless of the vehicle type, make, or year, we guarantee to replace, repair, or reprogram your car keys in minutes. We only hire the most established, experienced, dedicated, and knowledgeable locksmith technicians. We also only use the most up-to-date and state-of-the-art car key repair and manufacturing technology. We can cut, mold, or program a new key in minutes and create as many duplicate car keys as you wish. Also, our car key services always come with a guarantee on parts and labor. Whether you need a key replacement, duplicate, or repair, Rob’s Locksmith Service has got you covered. We can provide you with copy keys and laser keys, which include simplex cruciform and inner track keys, as well as original key blades that can be used with car remotes. Moreover, if your car keys are locked in the car ignition, we also provide lock picking services to retrieve your original car keys for you. We currently provide FOB, ECU, VAT, and transponder key programming and reprogramming car key services. Thus, whether you need a car key replacement or a broken car key repaired, Rob’s Locksmith Service will always deliver quickly and efficiently at competitive rates. If you need your car lock picked, require emergency 24/7 car key services, or want us to reprogram your sentry key swiftly with no fuss and without breaking the bank, then contact us today.

We work hard to provide quality locksmith services for our customers in Davis, West Virginia and the surrounding areas. I am dedicated to providing all your locksmithing needs in a timely manner. We only use top-of-the line technology and the finest locksmithing materials in the world to satisfy your security needs. Contact us or call 304-704-6774 today and we will be there promptly to help you out!